Elgin Middlesex District Soccer League - Outdoor

Indoor Rules


EMDSL indoor soccer registration will commence on a date set by the League. Registrations may be delivered in person to the EMDSL Board at said location or by mail to the EMDSL Office. The indoor season will commence following Thanksgiving weekend.


(1)      If a registered team withdraws on or before October 1st, the league registration fee will be forfeited.

(2)     Withdrawal of teams after October 1st but before the schedule is posted; the respective club will forfeit the EMDSL registration fee and will be fined as per the EMDSL outdoor fines.

(3)     Withdrawal of teams after the schedule is posted; the respective club shall forfeit the EMDSL registration fee and will be fined as per the EMDSL outdoor fines.

D.3     Acceptance by EMSA of any club team from other Districts for indoor league play does not grant automatic acceptance for the outdoor season. This acceptance will require a vote at the AGM or RGM by the membership.

D.4     The cut-off date for transferring from team to team is January 31st.

D.5     The cut-off date for registering new players is February 15th.

D.6     The League’s policy is to adhere to the schedule as published. Coaches and team officials are not permitted to postpone or reschedule any game under the jurisdiction of the league. Games will only be rescheduled if the outcome of the game affects first place in the standings.


D.8     Maximum number of Players on the field:

U8/9 (5v5)……..5 Players including the keeper

U10 - U18 (7v7) …..7 players including the keeper

D.9     Minimum number of players on the field:

U8/9 (5v5)……..3 Players including the keeper

U10 - U18 (7v7) …..5 players including the keeper

D.10     Referee Fees:

U8/9….. $10.00 per team per game

U10-U12 ……$15.00 per team per game

U13-U18 ……$20.00 per team per game

D.11     There is no offside in indoor soccer. U8 to U12 WILL play with a retreat line.

D.12     All games will consist of two twenty-five-minute halves with a one-minute half- time break.

D.13     All games must start promptly. If a grace period of 5 minute’s has passed, the team having less than the required number minimum players will forfeit the game and the result will be recorded as a 3-0 in favor of the opposing team where applicable. If both teams have less than the minimum, both teams will be considered to have forfeited the game. Teams will be fined as per the EMDSL outdoor fines.

D.14     The Visiting team kicks off to start the game. The ball may be kicked in any direction for all kickoffs.

D.15     In indoor league championship games if the score is tied after regulation time, penalty kicks will be taken as per FIFA rules.

D.16     The maximum number of players a team can register to a team roster is as followed:

U9 – U12…………Unlimited (Pool)

U13 – U18……….18 players

Game Day roster maximum number of players a team can have on the game day roster is as followed:

U8 – U9 (5v5)…………10 players

U10 – U12 (7v7)……….12 players

U13 – U18 (7v7)……….18 players


(1)     Any team player can substitute on the “fly” at any time during the game for the 7v7 division. The referee must be notified of a goal keeper substitution. For 9v9 Divisions substitutions may be made on Kick-ins, Goal Kicks, Goals or injuries.

(2)     The referee may stop the time at his/her discretion otherwise the clock will remain running.

(3)     Players substituting must be near the touch line nearest to their bench area. Failing to do so will result in a “too many players on the field” violation and a two minute minor penalty will be given to the incoming player.


(1)     All balls that go out of play will result in a kick in.

(2)     All free kicks are indirect except the penalty kick for 7v7 divisions. 9v9 Divisions will follow the FIFA Laws of the game. All opposing players must be a minimum of five meters from the ball.

(3)     A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick off, corner kick, free kick, or goal kick.

(4)     If the ball hits the roof of the building an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team closest to wear the ball hit.


(1)      (I) referee discretion- two (2) minutes.

(ii) Caution- two (2) minutes

(iii) Ejection (Second yellow card) - five (5) minutes

(iv) Ejection (red card) – five (5) minutes

(2)      Only two players from each team can be serving penalties at any one time. If another player on the same team receives a time penalty, that player must go to the penalty area.  The team must substitute between players not serving a time penalties to maintain the minimum number required on the field to play.  The time penalty of the third player shall not commence until the time penalty of the first player has expired.   

(3)     In the case of an ejection that causes the team to have less than the minimum number of players on the field, the penalized team will forfeit the game and the opposing team will be awarded the game by a score of 3-0.

(4)     (i) Offsetting penalties (5 min or 2 min) will require that both teams play shorthanded for the duration of the penalty time.

(ii) Any minor penalties (2 min) awarded to a goalie can be served by any player on the field at the time of the incident. If a major penalty (ejection 5 min.) is awarded to the goalie, the goalie must leave the field of play and players bench and be replaced in goal by another player.


(1)     The rules of fouls and misconduct are the same as outdoor penal offences and technical offences but with one additional change. SLIDE TACKLES ARE NOT ALLOWED.

(2)     If a player receives two (2) caution (yellow) cards in a game it will be equal to an ejection (red) card and the player will immediately retire from the team bench and be subject to discipline as recommended by the governing body (EMSA).  If a player receives a (red) card the player must be responsible for the fine awarded by EMSA prior to playing their next game.  Teams will play shorthanded for the full duration of five (5) minutes for this penalty no matter how many goals get scored.

(3)     All free kicks, including the kick off, corner kick, and goal kick except the penalty kick are indirect in 7v7 divisions.

(4)     A goal cannot be scored directly from a free kick.

(5)      Any indirect free kick awarded to the attacking team occurring inside the penalty area will be taken from any point on the top line of the penalty area closest to where the foul occurred.

(6)     Referees may assess a two-minute penalty for an offence, a caution (yellow) card, or both. Teams will play shorthanded for the duration of the penalty time issued.

(7)     If in the opinion of the referee an offence committed in the penalty area is serious, the referee may award a penalty kick, plus a two or five minute penalty.


District Cup The Competition

 (1)     All cup competitions of the League, District and the (OSA) Ontario Cup take precedence over all other games under the jurisdiction of the league.

(2)     EMDSL will hold an annual cup competition, known as the District Cup for age groups U-13 and up.

(3) Teams reaching the finals will each receive an award accordingly, “Champions” and “Finalists”.

District Cup Rules

 (4)     The EMDSL constitution and Rules and Regulations are in full effect for all District cup games.

(5)     All teams are required to play in the District cup. Teams failing to play (except for overriding OSA games) i.e Ontario cup) will be fined according to the EMDSL outdoor fines.

(6)     All groups will play a single knockout format. (U13-U18)

District Cup Draw

(7)     The schedule will be determined by random draw no later than December 15th. All clubs are welcome to attend. The date and location of the draw will be posted on the league website.

(8)     No two teams from the same club may be drawn together in the first round of District cup unless they are the majority club in said group. (i.e “Club A” has 3 teams and “Club B” has 1 team “Club A” will have two of their teams against each other and one team against “Club B”)

District Cup Game Locations and Scheduling

 (9)     All District Cup games will be played at the BMO Centre London.

(10)     No game changes will be entertained for any reason other than those listed in D.20-1 (above)

District Cup Match Officials

 (11)     The league will pay all match official fees related to the District Cup.

District Cup Players

(12)     A player can only play for the team to which they are registered and must be in the possession of an OSA ID booklet, which must be validated at least 24 hours before the game. Trial players are not permitted in Cup or Playoff games. Players are not allowed to “play up” in any League Cup or Playoff games.

District Cup Teams

(13)     The only team roster accepted for the District Cup will be an official OSA Roster.

(14)     One half hour prior to a game, each team will report to the spectator side of the scheduled field with their official OSA Player ID’s and the players. Each team shall conduct an OSA ID Check ensuring that the game sheets match the player’s names, cards and individuals. No protests regarding ineligible players will be heard if an OSA ID check is not conducted fully prior to the respective game.

District Cup Protests

(15)     All game protests must be filed at the host site within 2 hours of completion of the game.

(16)     All protests must be accompanied by the appropriate fee and documents (see outdoor fines and fees). Where a protest is received, the cup competition in that division will not move to the next round until the issue is resolved.

(17)     A decision on a protest will be provided within twenty- four hours. The decision of the EMDSL League Committee shall be binding on all parties and not subject to appeal.

(18) Any team found guilty of fielding ineligible or cup tied players will forfeit all games and all awards pertaining to the District Cup and will be fined as per outdoor fines and fees.


(1)     EMDSL will hold an annual Festival, known as the District Festival for age groups U-8 to U-12.

District Festival Game Locations and Scheduling

(1)     All District Festival games will be played at the BMO Centre London.

(2)     No game changes will be entertained for any reason.

District Festival Match Officials

 (1)     The league will pay all match official fees related to the District Festival.