Elgin Middlesex District Soccer League - Indoor

EMDSL 2024 Outdoor Registration Information

Registration is now open for teams interested in entering teams into the EMDSL for outdoor 2024. Clubs must be members in good standing with EMSA District or have an approved Play Out/Play In form from their home district to be accepted. All registrations are subject to the approval of the league and district.

Further information with respect to registration is available below:

There are two options for the team registration forms for this season:

You can use the electronic submission option by clicking the following link: https://form.jotform.com/240395073940255
For Tier 3 teams U13 and above only, please register at the link with the following year of birth:
U13/U14 aged teams use the 2010 year of birth.
U15/U16 aged teams use the 2008 year of birth.
U17/U18 aged teams use the 2006 year of birth.
Tier 3 only offers U14/U16/U18 double year cohort divisions for 2024. Players do not have to be the same birth year but teams must register in the division that matches the oldest birth year player on the team.

You can download and complete the excel applications below and return them by email to both: schedule@emdsl.ca and emdslvp@gmail.com

Handwritten applications are no longer being accepted. Only the online or completed excel formats will be accepted. Please ensure your applications are returned in excel format. Other formats will not be accepted.

Regardless of what method you use the applicable team fees must be received at the BMO Centre 295 Rectory

Street, London ON, N5Z 0A3 address above by the registration deadline. Fees must be paid via Club cheque.

Coach information is no longer required on the application forms. This information must be added later when you activate your team on the EMDSL website closer to the start of the season.

If there are any special requests or questions please contact the respective Tier Director listed on the contacts page of the website.

Single Team Registration Option

Multiple Team Registration Form